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Saki’s Newest Project

What’s… going on… errrrbody!!!??? I’m excited to announce to you guys a super cool, super crazy, and super wild audio drama that I’m currently working on called.. Zion’s Quest!!! Sounds pretty epic right?!  Ok.  So I’ve been working on this thing for about two years now and I’m finally able to bring something to the… Continue reading Saki’s Newest Project

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Meiko’s Seoul Takeover

Our very own Meiko Matsuri went on a life-changing trip to Korea last year, and now, she’s filling us in on what she did! Check out this post as well as all of her #Desie2Korea posts to learn more about Seoul, studying abroad, and a Black girl exploring a foreign setting. NGR loves encouraging everyone… Continue reading Meiko’s Seoul Takeover

Fire on Fandom


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I’m Desmond Childs, and my contributions to NexusGen Radio will generally consist of commentary on the state of our fandom. Why? Because I believe that we as the consumer of all this entertainment, have been spoiled so far past repair, that we feel compelled to complain and… Continue reading FIRE on FANDOM


#4Freedom’s 1st trailer released

Originally posted on Home of the P.Z. Theatre Troupe!:
NexusGen Radio’s very own Meiko Matsuri has been cast in Project Zion Theatre’s latest radio drama, #4Freedom! As her debut voice acting drama, Meiko plays Tome Sakamoto, a principal role and little sister to Ryoma Sakamoto. Check out her trailer as Tome Sakamoto! #4Freedom Home of the P.Z. Theatre Troupe! View original post

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Who Wants to Win?!

What’s going on everybody? It’s ya girl Saki and I am PROUD to present to you guys a little something we like to call Sweepstakes Saturdays! I noticed the look of confusion on your faces and that’s okay. I’ll be more than happy to lay down the 411. So the crew and I gathered together… Continue reading Who Wants to Win?!

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Web-Comic Reviews: Bittersweet Candy Bowl

Hello all! Domo here, and I am drooling with excitement over presenting you with another delicious web-comic review!  Do you like candy? Of course you do!!! Do you like cute and sweet things? Of course you do! Do you like dramatic anthropomorphized teenaged animals? Sonic the Hedgehog’s heavy fan-base says you do!  So I bring you… Continue reading Web-Comic Reviews: Bittersweet Candy Bowl

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Web-Comic Reviews: Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire

Hello everyone, Domo here! Girls, guys, and everything in between, I don’t have a cheesy intro gag this week. I am just insanely excited about this web-comic review. This comic to put it plainly, is purely EPIC. The compelling and exciting storylines, the well-constructed side plots, the cornucopia of adeptly developed characters, the perfectly executed… Continue reading Web-Comic Reviews: Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire