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Saki’s Newest Project

What’s… going on… errrrbody!!!???

I’m excited to announce to you guys a super cool, super crazy, and super wild audio drama that I’m currently working on called..

Zion’s Quest!!!

Sounds pretty epic right?!  Ok.  So I’ve been working on this thing for about two years now and I’m finally able to bring something to the table.  I’ve been diligently working on the script, getting my actors together, and will be strapping on my producer hat here very VERY soon.  For those who don’t know, I’ve teamed up with Project Zion Studios to make this thing happen.  Some of you may be familiar with PZS.  They are the creators of G-Diffuser01, Bard and the Biwa, #4Freedom, a variety of short stories, and soon my audio series!   Aaaaagh!  I’m beyond pumped to be able to allow these creative juices of mine to flow freely (get ya mind out of the gutter kids lol).

Anyway let me give you a quick run down of this first season.  Zion’s Quest is a fantasy fiction about a queen who holds one of the greatest treasures in of Eurisia.  This treasure has the ability to give a person god-like abilities and allow them to do as their heart desires.  But in order to utilize said ability, a series of events have to go down first.  One day that treasure is stolen. The Queen of Eurisia, Remini (rhymes with Gemini), gathers together a group of what she considers to be the most able-bodied people she could trust to help her get that treasure back. Along the way, you’ll meet some cool characters, visualize the vast landscapes and scenery of Eurisia, and indulge in some pretty intense battles.  The Queen and her troupe don’t have much time to spare for the dark one has already made her plans to usurp the throne and enslave Remini and the people of Eurisia.

I hope you guys will tune in and check out the series!!  I’m not exactly sure how many episodes I’ll have ready, but I know for sure I plan to dig in deep and give you my very best each time.  Trust me when I say producing an audio drama is NOT an easy task.  There’s actually a lot more work that goes into it compared to say putting together the podcast for NGR lol.  But hey you guys know me.  I’m always up for the challenge. *flexes muscle*

Talk to you guys later and don’t forget to go over to Project Zion Studios’ Facebook page and see what the latest happenings are!


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